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Nurchums™ Elementos - Dinodos

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Nurchums Elementos are a new range of hatch and grow eggs which blend digital and physical toys.

There are 12 exciting characters to collect within 3 variant themes: Dinodos, Magikons and Growlies. As well as being an exciting development in our ever-popular hatch eggs range, kids can now download the free Augmented Reality (AR) App to add collectables and bring this exciting hidden world to life — right before their eyes!

The Dinodos live in the fiery lava pools of Elemento. They are an incredibly rare race of dinosaurs that managed to dodge extinction! They’ve managed to stay hidden until now, purely because no-one would brave the hot, hot lava to discover them. They’re actually super friendly and lots of fun. Look out for speedy Trexatop, fierce Magmadon, loyal Brontadon and super-cool Quadtratop.